Thursday, September 3, 2009

Composite 11 - Tiger By The River Lima

I decided to recover an old photo montage that was done with a photo that I took in the River Lima, in the north of Portugal, and one of a tiger that I snapped in the Lisbon Zoo some 2 years ago.
The houses in the horizon and the stone road mark are signs of nearby civilization so, a wild tiger peacefully resting in the river shore and near a road is much unlikely to be seen, at least in this part of the globe. And this surreal touch is exactly what makes this image interesting for me. The tweaked colors and the fake fog that I added in the post-production also helped to the final result.
What do you think?
"Tigre no Rio Lima".
Decidi recuperar uma foto-montagem antiga que fiz com uma foto que tirei no Rio Lima e uma outra de um tigre, captada no Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa há uns 2 anos atrás.
As casas no horizonte e o marco de pedra são sinais de civilização, por isso, um tigre selvagem a descansar pacificamente nas margens do rio e junto a uma estrada é muito improvavel de ser visto, pelo menos nesta parte do globo. E para mim, este toque surreal é precisamente o que faz esta imagem interessante. As cores trabalhadas e a adição de um nevoeiro fictício na pós produção também ajudaram para o resultado final.
Qual é a vossa opinião?


  1. Love it Carlos... the fog is a nice addition and I agree the proximity of civilization makes the image compeling.

    Excellent work as usual :)

  2. Great artwork as usual, Carlos. Fantasy like but making me wish it's true.

  3. Cool as always with you). But I think the stone has become more than a composition with a tiger.

  4. Thank you, Vendigo. If I understood correctly, you're saying that the stone is competing with the tiger for the primary role. I can agree with you about that. I didn't give it much thought, because I was just playing around with Photoshop ;-)
    BTW, your blog looks great, it's a shame that I can't understand a word in it... :-/

  5. It will help me a lot if you could include the steps you took to accomplish that. Or perhaps a link to a tutorial. I like what you did with the grass. Great job!

  6. Well, that as been asked me before but it is not my intention to post step by step tutorials, at least for now. They are very time consuming and besides, to fine tune the images, I do a great amount of tiny steps that I wouldn't even remember them all.
    About the grass, if you're talking about the colors, what i do is soft-select some areas with the quick mask tool and make changes with selective color adjustments.

  7. Awesome composite. Good eye!