Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before-After 04 - Our old turntable

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This turntable belongs to my family for ages! It was my father's toy in his Hi-Fi Geek period. Now he has a better one and this one is in my house, collecting dust.
Recently, when I was home cleaning, I decided to to take some photos of it and work them on Photoshop. Cleaning can wait...
Este gira-discos pertence à família há décadas! Era o brinquedo preferido do meu pai quando ele era maluquinho pela alta-fidelidade. Agora que tem um melhor, este está em minha casa a acumular pó. Um dia destes, eu estava em arrumações domésticas e decidi tirar-lhe umas fotos e trabalha-las no Photoshop. As arrumações podem esperar...


  1. What did you do to add color to this? Is that a logo on top of the arm? Don't forget to get rid of that for stock.

  2. Basically, that was the use of the "colorize" feature, 2 times in 2 layers, and layer masks.
    That is not a logo. It says "Carbon Fiber" :-)
    Besides, the image was on stock sites before I posted it here.
    Thanks for your comment.